SUN CARE – Best Organic Summer Tan

Our goal was to develop a purely natural, organic sunscreen that did not exist before. Free from paraffins, parabens, chemical preservatives, colorants and allergenic fragrances as well as a unique multiple combination of organic and synthetic light-protection filters. This is what we have achieved with WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Sun Care's SPF 30 Cell Protect for Face and Body. The antioxidant textures and the moisturizing plant extracts stimulate the natural defense functions - wrinkling is prevented.

Individually tailored to our 100% natural WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS After Sun Lotion with St. John's Word. Here, too, we fully rely on the power of nature, because here are growing the real treasures: Valuable extracts and active ingredients from St. John's wort oil and chamomile, whey, black oat and olive oil soothe and regenerate the skin.

The result of WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Sun Beauty: A uniform sunburned, radiant complexion for a summer-light sunshine pleasure.