Why are we producing in the Alps

The natural cosmetics company WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS, located in Grünwald near Munich, has been offering a high-quality, hand-made, purely organic premium skin care line. We have set ourselves the task of producing a variety of alpine flora, from which a special charm emerges, to produce a series of cosmetics consisting exclusively of renewable resources.

Plants, flowers and herbs, grown in the warm, wide valleys of this mountain world with its pure, spicy air, the gentle hills, deep mountain gorges. This powerful life force, with which these plants assert themselves in their wild environment, at the same time shows them as great medicinal plants. They are part of our exclusive natural cosmetics collection.

Organic Farm in the Alps

The mission of our mountain farm, where we get our raw materils from, is to enhance your well-being and health by growing local organic ingredients while proving education, healing the earth and honoring our alpine roots.

At our organic farm, we harness the power of nature based on the harmony of the seasons and the alignment of the earth, the moon and the stars. We harvest plants at the peak of the season to ensure the nutrients in their most potent form. The vitamins and nutrients, harvested in this most vital state, give the best possible ingedients for our skin care products .The happy goats and cows, living on our mountain farm, are providing the milk in highest drinking quality – the pure life is growing in the nature of the alps.

The employees at our „State of the art“-production facility in the Alps guarantee the first-class production of our natural cosmetics - from harvest to final acceptance in the most modern production. The high-tech mixing plants are designed to produce only exact manageable amounts of product per batch. Weighing in, filling, screwing, printing the labels and batch numbers with the filling date and packing is done by hand. The employees are aware of their high responsibility and pay close attention to the hygiene requirements. Since we do not use chemical preservatives and we only use natural substances which have preserving and stabilizing properties, the production process must be absolutely clean and germ free. For example, the production area can only be entered with so-called „clean room clothes“, which prevents particles and germs from getting into the room air and therefore from the endangered products.