WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS ® Munich,a business unit and registered trademark of Global Consulting Company GmbH, is a „Green Company“ and concentrates itself exclusively on competitive and unique organic luxury cosmetics - products from controlled cultivation. The company is focussed on innovative market segments that are growing steadily. So we have the first handmade, complete and comprehensive organic skin care line for face and body from Munich. The basis of our ultimate cosmetics line is fresh, pure whey - known as milk serum. It is a regular beauty and health elixir for a bright look (brightens your skin), for a beautiful glow and a healthy skin.
Milk serum is also a true anti-aging superstar for skin, hair and fingernails. The lactic acid removes dead skin cells, antioxidants slow down the formation of wrinkles, proteins stimulate cell renewal and potassium works against cellulite. In addition, whey strengthens the immune system and protects the skin from the sun and harmful environmental influences. The concept is absolutely unique and differentiating from the competition. All cosmetics products are free of paraffins, parabenes, synthetic fragrances and aromas, synthetic coloring and preservatives, animal fats and silicones. No animal testing. For our production we use renewable resources. We are using exclusively environmentally friendly, safe and certified procedures. A large part of plants, flowers and herbs are cultivated on farms and in gardens controlled by us. All milk serum and whey products are free of antibiotics and growth hormones. The cows and goats receive only natural food and live on lush green pastures. All cosmetics products are 100% organic and are coming exclusively from the European Alps.