What effect has WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS on my skin?

Milkserum - our basis substance is an anti-aging superstar for skin, hair and fingernails. Lactic acid removes dead skin cells, antioxidants slow down the formation of wrinkles, proteins stimulate cell renewal, potassium works against cellulite. It also contains deep acting herbs, plants, fruits and blossoms extracts, resulting in a radiant light skin, firm fingernails and shiny hair. Milkserum also strengthens the immune system and protects the skin through a natural protection against UV and pollution. 


Our cosmetics has an outstanding dual beauty result. Upon application the skin and hair visibly radiates beauty, thus fulfilling the desire of demanding , modern women all over the world to be always beautiful and radiant. Over time WHEY ORGANIC COSMETIC skincare diffuses its active organic ingredients into the heart of the skin, thus providing a fantastic and long-lasting results. An authentic promise of nature.


At what age should I start using anti-aging skincare?

The first signs of skin aging appears in our twenties. Genetics are not the only factor to play a role here: environmental influences and personal lifestyle are important as well. The WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS skincare products are not just reactive, their primary function is preventative - protecting and strengthening the sensitive cell membrane. We should already begin protecting our skin from aging while we are very young!

Why do you sell your products only in online shops and not in retail stores?

So that we can ensure the first-class quality to 100%. Our products are always sent directly from the producer to our valued customers.

Is your plastic packaging safe?

Yes. All of our plastics are BPA free.

Can WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS ® products be safely used during pregnancy?

We recommend that pregnant clients check with their healthcare provider for any product contraindications that may be unique to them. It is generally recommended that stimulating products should be avoided, as women may find that their skin is more sensitive during pregnancy.

How is it possible to make products by hand in the amounts that you must produce each year?

Our ingredients are still hand-picked and hand-prepared which is part of our eco-philosophy. The mountain farm in the Alps where we get our raw materilas from, is a family business since over 300 years – it is, until today a tradition that many familiy members and some of our employees work together.

What preservatives does WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS ® use?

WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS ® uses a system of natural preservatives that are best suited for each product and synergistically optimize the antioxidants of the flowers, fruits, herbs. The shelf life of the average WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS ® product is 12 months.

Where does WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS ® source its ingredients from?

More than 90 % of our ingredients are from the Alps region. The other raw materials are coming from other certified organic companies.