März 5, 2019

One of the many perks of Geneva International Motor Show …

... breakfast at Mercedes-Benz ... my favorite!
März 5, 2019

Good Morning Geneva…!

März 5, 2019


Hello USA! We are coming! We are very proud to announce that WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS will be launched in the States very soon! So exited to bring the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS GLOW to this side of the 🌏!
März 3, 2019

You don’t need a lot of products, you just need the RIGHT ones.

Introducing two essentials - everything you need in your handbag. 1.WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Goat Milk Fluid for Face Skin Plumping Concentrate: an essential dose of hydration to soothe the skin AND will prevent pore enlargement + pre-mature aging. 2. WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Peach Lipgloss: to give your lips that instant glow AND extra nourishment (with ingredients like milk serum and castor oil).💋 The drops of the Fluid and also the Lipgloss protect your skin from the air pollution and radiation (from phone & computer screens) that we encounter every single day. Tap to our shop!
März 1, 2019

We are working on something BIG!!!

That' actually in GLAMOROUS Planning... #wheyorganiccosmetics is taking the 🌍!
Februar 26, 2019

Memories from last night…

Thank you to my amazing WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Beauty Team for all of your support!
Februar 24, 2019

CHANEL window shopping at Maximilianstraße, Munich!

Karl‘s creations for spring 2019 - but Chanel and the fashion world in general will never be the same without him!

Februar 21, 2019


Thank you Cartier for the beautiful afternoon invitation at your luxury pop-up apartement located at the 4th floor at Munich‘s Maximilianstraße. The Maison Cartier‘s apartement looks like a sweet mix of happy luxury and the typical Parisian bohemian spirit....

It‘s splendour, delicate and unexpected ... which is just what we all love about Cartier!

Februar 19, 2019

My tribute to the incredible Karl Lagerfeld who passed away this morning at Paris!

He was like no other and his talent was endless - the best German fashion designer ever!🖤 Exact one year ago I visited Karl for an interview at his Atelier at the 7th Arrondissement. He was such a kind, intelligent and charming man. I‘m really very sad - Rest In Peace, Dear Karl!🖤

Februar 17, 2019

The whole world 3 days as guest in MUNICH!

Excited city: The world is looking to Munich because of 55th Security Conference 2019 - over 35 heads of states and governments, about 50 foreign ministers and 30 defense ministers meet each other at Hotel Bayerischerhof Munich.