THE WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS CHARITY – Help a child to go to school

Every time you buy one product from WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS we give one Dollar to the international Waldorf School Educational Sponsership.

The first Waldorf School
...was founded in Stuttgart, Germany (less than about 2 hours away form the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS office in Munich) in 1919 by Emil Molt (1876 – 1936) and Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and was the first school to put the principle of social justice in education into practice. Young people were educated together, irrespective of social background, abilities and vocation. The Waldorf School in Stuttgart was the first comprehensive school to replace the principle of selection by a pedagogy of encouragement and support.

Today the Waldorf school is an educational community of 2,500 schools and kindergartens that circle the globe. One of the largest and fastest-growing educational approaches in the world, Waldorf schools have supported students in over 70 countries for nearly100 years. They are inspired and guided in their work by the pedagogical and spiritual insights of Rudolf Steiner and the continually growing body of research in anthroposophy which maintains that the highest goal of education is the realization of responsible human freedom.

Rudolf Steiner
... was also founder of the biodynamics approch to agriculture, was highliy trained scientist and respected philosopher in his time, who later in his life came to prominence for his spiritual-scientifc approach to knowledge called „anthroposophy.“ Steiner’s belief: reconnecting with the natural world is t he best way to bring ourselves back into balance.He collaborated with one of the first women physicians in Europe, Dr. Ita Wegman, and a team of scientists. In 1921, they created the first synergistic products orchestrated to reconnect the body with its natural rhythms.

For the most active ingredients, they planted the first biodynamic gardens, biodynamic agriculture means that farming, seed production and landscape maintenance follow the rhythms of nature and the earth.

This is also the philosophy of WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS. We are passionate about using the best natural, organic ingredients to bring our Customers the healthiest and most effective skin care products.


Kindergartens and schools all over the world: shelter and protection for the youngest
A child’s life needs a sheltering space. Please help us in creating such a space. For some kindergartens and schools even a lot and a building are unaffordable. Many parents, specially in poor countries, can pay only small tuition fees; some cannot pay them at all. But the teacher’s salaries, their training, and the running costs need to be covered – there are no state subsidies. Without help from others, many kindergartens and schools could only be open to children whose parents can afford it. From the very beginning, Waldorf education has also been a social impulse for the protection of children. Because we believe that every child has the right to grow up healthy and protected, we would like to call to your attention the situation of several kindergartens and schools. We all know that every day children are deprived of this right. As with all other things, only we ourselves can change the situation.