August 7, 2022


All you need for hyydrated, healthy and glowing Summer Skin! ☀️

Our organic sun products helps to protect your skin against UVA und UVB rays and helps to adress the oxidative and stresses of sun! ☀️

Juni 4, 2022


We wish you and your Family a happy long weekend! 🌸

Mai 18, 2022

Refining Your Skin Pores

One of our Top-Sellers: Pore Refining Exfoliation Scrub for Face.

Dezember 1, 2021

It‘s Beginning to Look a Lot Like …

It‘s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Everywhere you go!

August 12, 2021

Organic After Sun for Healthy Sunbathing

Whether you're enjoying Summer by the Côte d’Azur, on Mykonos or by your window, hydration is key when your exposed to sunlight, especially you've got a sensitive or sensitized skin. ⛱☀️👙

With WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS After Sun with St. John's Wort your skin benifits from deep hydration. As a balmy rich texture offers a soothing after-sun embrace to your face and body, it also lets your skin prolong its wonderful golden WOC Glow, with reducing redness and discomfort. ⛱🍹

The best part? Your WOC After Sun with St. John's Wort is made with 💯% natural-origin ingredients!

Oktober 4, 2020

This Morning in the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS office in Munich!

Stay healthy: Don't forget your WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS HAND DISINFECTION!!! Covid-19 is still with us.

Februar 29, 2020

Saturday Morning in Munich…

...Love Café Maelu at Theatinerstraße...
Februar 25, 2020

Window Shopping in Maximilianstraße

Dolce & Gabbana - what a pleasure!
Februar 22, 2020

About last night….

Two Munich in Hamburg...
Februar 14, 2020

Good Morning from Munich to all Lovers and Dreamers….

.... Happy Valentines Day!

Dezember 24, 2019

Merry Christmas to all our friends, partners and costumers all over the world!

No matter where you are or what your’re doing, we wish you love, happiness and joy! Lots of Love, Michaela & Volker 🌟 🌟 🎄 💫 💫 #

Dezember 6, 2019

Waiting for Santa

... festive pretty Munich night at home. 🎅🌲✨
November 13, 2019


How incredible are the autumn windows at @dallmayrseit1700 Munich! 🍂 🧁 🍰 🥂 🍾🍍🍒🧀 I‘m going to taste Everything! 💕
November 6, 2019

Munich my Love!!!

WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS brings you the Best from Munich: G-Beauty!🧖‍♀✨🧖‍♀✨
September 29, 2019

Like a fairytale!!!

🎀❤️🎀❤️ Which dirndl to choose??? 🎀❤️