Cooperate with us - we are unique, premium, luxurios, organic and competitive:

  • The first handmade, complete and comprehensive organic skin care line for face and body from Munich.
  • The basis of our ultimate cosmetics line is fresh, pure whey - known as milk serum. It is a true beauty and health elixir for a bright look (brightens your skin), a beautiful glow and a healthy skin. Absolutely unique and differentiating from the competition.
  • With high-quality plant and herbal extracts from ecological farming from the Alps.

 High, natural efficacy and skin compatibility.

  • Without paraffins, parabens, chemicals colors, fragrances and aromatic substances, silicones.
  • “Green Company”: The raw materials, which we use for our products, are produced by us and our partners and suppliers on our organic farm in the Alps. These are natural organic and certified plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs and dairy products. Products are handmade without hydrogenating processes which can affect the nutritional content and potency of natural ingredients.
  • “Green Production”: The employees at our „State of the art“-production facility in the Alps guarantee the first-class production of our handmade natural cosmetics - from harvest to finishing in the most modern production. The latest high-tech mixing plants are designed to produce only exact amounts of product per batch. Weighing in, filling, screwing, printing the labels and batch numbers. We operate an ecologically designed, robot-controlled high-bay warehouse at our production site.
  • Excellent value for money (good price / performance ratio). All payment systems (e.g. Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay).
  • WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS ® is the only supplier who offers a complete range of whey-based care products with selected and complementary nutrition, health and wellness products.
  • We control the entire production process, from the raw material till the finished product.
  • Only very few other cosmetics care product lines have such high quality and purity standards as we have.
  • There is no other complete top level whey-based cosmetics product care line – we are unique.


Special selling points:

  • No stock items, only fresh goods from ongoing production.
  • Safe, proven and certified production processes.
  • Family owned business, no third party shareholder.
  • Superfast delivery for private end-consumer.
  • You as our partner profit from the glamor of the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS ® world, from our vivid homepage and the social media presence.