Februar 15, 2019

On my desk today

Coffee break with WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS FINEST ROOM FRAGRANCE with wonderful LEMONGRAS and my lovely handmade ceramic from Austria with the green deer ... touch of pretty at the office. Always... LOVE this both also at my home!

Februar 14, 2019

Happy VALENTINE’S DAY Everyone

This wonderful roses are especially created for our WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS office in Munich! And because they math the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS color scheme, we love them even more.😘❤️

Februar 13, 2019

Where is the most romantic place to be on Valentines Day in Munich?

.... at falk‘s Bar located in the famous hall of mirrors dating back to 1839 at @bayerischerhof_munich! If you’re new to the Bar I suggest you their delicious Champagner Cocktail❤️ Kir Royal❤️- created by Master Head Barman Adrian Schulz! 🍸🍷🍹 I LOVE it! ❤️

Februar 5, 2019

happy chinese new year

Year of the PIG! Happy Lunar New Year to all our Chinese Friends!
Februar 4, 2019

Tanja loves her essentials of Beauty:

the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS collection for comforting hydration with the special GLOW all about the year. Never forget: Organic Treatment is the perfect way to transform your skin. WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS - always more than you expect!
Februar 3, 2019


Give, just because celebrate a love, a friendship or treat yourself! ❤️ "SHOP VALENTINS' GIFT COLLECTION FOR HER, FOR HIM, FOR YOU ( FEB. 04. - 14.2019)"

Februar 3, 2019

… a walk in the park with the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Girls

A walk in the park. We‘ve got to get some sense. Back into our head. The WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS GIRLS are in the park ...
Februar 2, 2019

Movement Weekend

The WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Sports Emulsion is a high quality liniment and massage product, only based on natural cosmetics, for stimulating the circulation of skin and tissue. A comfortable warming complex removes the refrigerative feeling which appears immediately after application. Valuable and highly effective Alpine herbs regenerate your musculature after intensive activities and make you ready for new ones.
Januar 28, 2019

Happy Skiing

What a wonderful ski weekend! Back to Interalpen Hotel Tyrol‏ to hit the slopes. And there is so much snow ...!

Januar 25, 2019

Tanja’s big LOVE : Whey Organic Cosmetics

A peek into WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Model Tanja's routine to get the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS GLOW