Januar 21, 2019

With the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS GIRLS at their coffee break

... coffee break with the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS girls in the office today - always a good idea!
Januar 16, 2019

Girls masking!!!

Face Masks are a friendship affair.

Januar 10, 2019

Can we please take a moment of silence for this incredible creations from B&W jewels New York

They let my heart beating and they are made by the sisters Beatrix and Wilma - we are friends for a very, very long time!
Please deliver all to my house!
PS: Beatrix and Wilma are WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS superfans!

Januar 10, 2019

Our LIP BALM delivers long-lasting hydration:

Thanks to a combination of Camomile and Jojoba Seed Oil - which helps repair the skin and protect it from free radicals. The balm works beyond your lips too: apply it to other areas that need some extra moisture, like your cuticles, or use it on your eyelids and cheekbones for some extra glow! Wintertime, summertime, all year round staple.
Januar 10, 2019

Goodbye #interalpen

I‘ll miss you but I‘ll be back!
Januar 9, 2019

Frist Day in the Office

Refreshed focused and back to work❤️back to my desk❤️back to what I love!!!❤️
Januar 8, 2019

The WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS team loves the Moisturizing Face Mask with Apple and Viola:

Because there‘s no wrong way to use it! Put it on for 10-15 minutes, rub it off and you‘re good to go. It‘ ll soothe and nourish your skin after a cold, windy winter day that chaps and irritates your skin. Use a couple of times per week... or everyday - whatever works best for you!
Januar 5, 2019

Definitely one of THE sweetest #interalpen moments!

We can‘t wait to see what creations the team will be coming up with next.
Januar 4, 2019

That magical feeling as you head up in the mountains of Austria!

Januar 1, 2019

First of 2019!!!