März 3, 2019

You don’t need a lot of products, you just need the RIGHT ones.

Introducing two essentials - everything you need in your handbag. 1.WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Goat Milk Fluid for Face Skin Plumping Concentrate: an essential dose of hydration to soothe the skin AND will prevent pore enlargement + pre-mature aging. 2. WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Peach Lipgloss: to give your lips that instant glow AND extra nourishment (with ingredients like milk serum and castor oil).💋 The drops of the Fluid and also the Lipgloss protect your skin from the air pollution and radiation (from phone & computer screens) that we encounter every single day. Tap to our shop!
Februar 26, 2019

Memories from last night…

Thank you to my amazing WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Beauty Team for all of your support!
Februar 3, 2019

It‘s weekend in Munich …

Januar 21, 2019

It’s monday …

... coffee break with the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS girls in the office today - always a good idea!

Januar 1, 2019

Good Night!

Thank you Minzhi, WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Head of Marketing China, for creating the most magical WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS event!
Januar 1, 2019


To everyone all over the world, may your hopes and dreams come true next year. The WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS team wishing everyone the best 2019!!! Lots of love from our incredible NYE party!
Dezember 31, 2018

Ready for the party!

The perfect look with the irresistible WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Glow!
Dezember 31, 2018

Preparing for the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS New Year‘s Eve Party!

The girls are obsessed of the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Calming, Super-Anti Aging products - the perfect dose of hydration for the best Glow ever!
Dezember 30, 2018

Behind the scene – so much fun!

Dezember 30, 2018

Take a Look!

...GUCCI New Year‘s Window Party Part II !!!