September 22, 2019

O‘zapft is !

Finally - the 186. Oktoberfest is open! Whole of Munich is absolutely crazy for the next 16 days!🍻 🥨 🎡 ❤️ Best time of the year to show your dirndl - I love it!!! 🎀❤️
August 19, 2019

32 days more !!!

The countdown in Munich runs: preparing the windows for Oktoberfest-Season 🍻🥨 🍻🥨 ❣ ❣
August 3, 2019

Kissed by the sun

WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Model Tania enjoys the protection and glow offered by our sun Perfect range. ☀️ 🏖 🥂 👙
Juli 31, 2019

I’m very glad that my job is my passion

It makes me so happy to receive all of this wonderful feedback from people who are using our WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS products to achieve healthier, glowing skin and a newfound confidence. We lean heavily on science and research to create the highest quality, most effective products. Love our handmade soap collection ❤️ 🧼 🧖‍♀ beautiful fragrance and pretty packaging 💝 🎁 - now ready for delivery!!! 📦 🚚
Juni 21, 2019

From last midsummer night

I‘ve seen my absolute favorite opera - the tragically romantic story of Puccini‘s La Bohème at Munich State Opera.🎼🎼🎼

Juni 11, 2019

Munich day at the office…

...need sweet Petits Fours, lots of color and our wonderful WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS on this rainy day in June on my desk!🌧️ 🧁🧁🌺☀️💖
April 24, 2019

Happy Easter skiing with Whey Organic Cosmetics

WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Goat Milk Face Fluid is the perfect hydration companion no matter where you are. Wether you are skiing in the Alps or swimming in St. Barth on Easter we‘ve got you covered! 🐇🐣🎿🏔️🏖️

April 23, 2019

Happy Easter from the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS Bunny!

The best eggs are coming today in fresh spring-green!

April 19, 2019

About last night…

...festive celebration the start of Easter Holidays with Tolstoi‘s incredible “Anna Karenina“ at State Opera Munich.
A fantastic performance by Christian Spuck! 

März 26, 2019

Thursday Morning

🏵️Branches of apple blossoms on my desk today!!!We have the smell of spring in the WHEY ORGANIC COSMETICS office!🏵️☀️